Feel GOOD: Take some "Feel Good Time"

Feel GOOD: Take some "Feel Good Time"

Published by Minetta, Lady Boss & Chief Popcorn Executive on Jul 10th 2020

Hi there Popcorn Junkie Fans!

If you're like me, it's not always easy to pause and take time to take care of yourself. As a busy CEO, wife, sister, friend and mentor, blocking out some "chill" time gets harder and harder to do. Can I get a "Yesss," if you know what I mean. Between work, carpools, and play dates, you're juggling it all on automatic. But let's pause...we take time to take care of everyone else, why not plan some "Feel GOOD" time for ourselves?

I know...easier said than done ;-) Even if it's just 20 mins to meditate or listen to your favorite song while inhaling that aromatherapy candle you've been saving for a special moment, enjoy your Feel GOOD time!

To kick it off, I created a fun, Feel GOOD Bingo template with some of my feel good things. Use the link to download the blank template so you can add your Feel GOOD moments. Then, join me in a 7-day Feel GOOD challenge. Check off 5 in a row, in any direction, until you get BINGO...then, celebrate and repeat.This is more fun than a doing a "Things to Do List" right?  Start your Feel GOOD challenge today. You deserve it!

I'd love to see your Feel GOOD pics (keep them family friendly) and tag me @mypopcornjunkie on IG, FB & Twitter and use the hashtag #GetHookedOnGood.

Encourage your friends and family to play Feel GOOD bingo too!

P. S. In case you haven't heard it today, you're AMAZING!

Let's keep it Poppin!